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Nice to meet you!

I am Andrea, a product designer focused on solving problems and designing for people. I aim for pixel perfect work but my determination always goes with the bigger picture - the purpose of design is to add value!



I am currently working as a consultant on a global e-commerce solution for an international brand in the Food and Beverages sector. Together with a great team of designers, I update and improve the customer interface while curating and expanding the design system. Always partnering with various multidisciplinary teams with different backgrounds, all this variety has meant the constant improvement of my ability to adapt to new situations, goals and challenges.

I was previously at  Deloitte, where I had the opportunity to develop products and services for a variety of clients from different sectors such as Energy, Transportation, Banking, Retail, Public Administration and Construction.

Before that, I was part of the e-commerce team at Boboli, a children's fashion company. My work consisted in introducing UX methods that helped the company improve their B2B and B2C online sales platforms, helping develop omnichannel marketing strategies and collaborating with the engineering, marketing, data, business and customer care teams, getting all kind of perspectives and a deeper understanding of everyone's goals and constraints. I am consistently in the search for the perfect formula that brings everyone's points of view into consideration.


Cheerful and communicative by nature, I thrive in collaborative environments. As a team player, I thoroughly believe in the strength of a diverse group of people joining forces and knowledge, and in the joy that comes from constantly learning from other professionals.

I am frequently described by my colleagues as adaptive and with the ability of synthesizing complex ideas in a short time and communicating them in a democratic way, so it comes in handy for explaining design decisions to a broad variety of people.



When I am outside the office, I am usually taking photos (check my favorites below!), enjoying different cuisines or petting random dogs. 

I prefer to socialize in spaces that are open-minded, diverse and safe for all people.

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